Color map with DBS glasses

Colormap with DBS glasses

The official colormap of the Diplom-Biersommeliers association, also reference for judges at the European Beerstar, Austrian Beer Challenge and Amsterdam Bokbier-Competition!

Developed by the well-known author and certified Diplom-Biersommelier (DBS) Hubert Hanghofer in cooperation with DBS Thomas Vogel.

The colormap is calibrated for optimum color ratings in the official sampling glass of the Diplom-Biersommeliers association (cylindrical base).

High quality UV offset printing on transparent rigid vinyl film (300µ) with a protective lacquer on the backside (85 mm x 185 mm).

Color map with EBS-Branding

Color map with EBS-Branding

Starting at a (negotiable) minimum edition of 1000 maps we can calibrate the colormap also for other glasses (optical pathlength) and special branding with your logo. See example for European Beerstar.

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