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Contributed by Hubert Hanghofer   
May 04, 2002 at 12:00 AM

Report from site number 187

Kellerbräu Hubertus von Sam

This time I had no digicam. To get an idea of my simple "brewing-environment", have a look at the 1999-Site Report.

I live in Salzburg, Austria. I'm a BrewRat but not a member of the AHA - so pardon me if I'm not using the official AHA-recipes. It just happened that I brew today and Gambrinus whispered in my ear: "It's Big Brew Day again, join your mates, throw in some Cascade and you'll be qualified!".


Recipe and Brew-protocol

Grain Bill

  • 5.5 kg (12.0 lb, 55%) Malted Wheat (STAMAG, Vienna)
  • 3.7 kg ( 8.2 lb, 37%) Vienna (STAMAG, Vienna)
  • 0.4 kg ( 0.9 lb, 4%) Sauermalz (acid malt, Weyermann)
  • 0.4 kg ( 0.9 lb, 4%) Carahell (Weyermann)

10.0 kg (22.0 lb) total
Crush: JSP fixed

Mash Shedule - single decoction

  • water/grain ratio 3.4L/kg (0.41 gal/lb): heat 34L (9.0 gal) water in converted 50L keg to 45°C (113°F), turn off burner.
  • 07:30 CET - mashing in resulted in: 41.5L (11.0 gal) mash at 43°C (109°F), rest 20 min(utes).
  • heat up to 63°C (145°F), turn off burner, rest 20 min.
  • heat up to 63°C (145°F), turn off burner, rest again 20 min, during the unheated rests temp drops to 61°C (142°F), mash is stirred after 10 min (halftime).
  • heat up to 68°C (154°F), turn off burner, let grains settle for 5 min, skim 24L (6.3 gal) of thin mash into lautertun (45L Coleman Cooler).
  • Bring remaining 17.5L (4.7 gal) of thick kettle-mash to a boil and boil for 15 min.
  • Adding this decoction to the thin main mash in the lautertun resulted in 75°C (167°F), iodine reaction was negative within 10 min.
  • "lauter rest" 10 min to let the grains settle and minimize recirculation needs. Meanwhile clean kettle.
  • 10:20 CET - start lautering into kettle, 3L (0.8 gal) recirculation.
  • Lauter with 5mm/min, sparge with 27L (7.1 gal) water (78°C, 172°F).

Boil, Hops

  • Lit burner when kettle is 1/3 full.
  • 11:50 CET - start of boil
  • 13:10 CET - end of boil, total boil time 80 min.
  • 60 min: 20 grams Hallertauer Perle 10% Α, Pellets P45
  • 30 min: 40 grams Yakima Cascade 5% Α, whole hops
  • 10 min: add about 0.4 grams of Danstar-ServoMyces

Target IBU: 14

Yeast-management schedule and fermentation

YEAST: Wyeast #3068, Weihenstephan Wheat

  • 30.04.2002 incubate smack pack
  • 02.05.2002 500mL starter made of frozen wort, 8°Plato
  • 03.05.2002 sanitize fermenter, add starter plus 1000mL wort, 10°Plato (made of frozen wort)
  • 04.05.2002 13:15-14:00 CET, chill wort to 22°C (72°F) using immersion chiller.
  • 04.05.2002 14:15 CET, siphon wort into fermenter, dilute to OG (see "Yield", below), seal fermenter with cotton-plug.
  • 04.05.2002 20:30 CET, aerate 6 min.
  • 04.05.2002 22:00 CET, first signs of fermentation.
  • 05.05.2002 09:00 CET, fermentation rocks: install blow-off!


Cast out wort: 43.5L (11.5 gal) with SG 1.0615, 15.1°Plato.
Sudhaus yield: 70%
Efficiency: 90%

Hot break loss: 2.2L (0.6 gal - drained, bottled and frozen for future use)

Original wort: diluted with 7.5L (2.0 gal) pre-boiled water to 49L (12.9 gal) with SG 1.052, 12.9°Plato.

Allzeit gut Sud!

Hubert (BrewBert) Hanghofer
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